Sunday, 16 January 2011

Chinese lady takes off pants, beats up police officer

Of all the stories to circulate on the Chinese internet recently, this one reported on Chinasmack is definitely the funniest.

Basically a 55 year old woman called Chu, who works in Nanjing as an illegal pedicab driver (her personal story is not a happy one up to this point be fair), was carrying three passengers when she ran a red light.  She bumped into a guy, who duly demanded compensation.  When she only offered him 2RMB (about 20p), he called the police.

The police showed up quickly and it seems that Chu panicked, fearing that her pedicab would be taken away and her income lost.  So she did what any sane person would do in this situation – she took off her jeans and started hitting the policeman around the head.  This scene would have been funny enough to witness on its own, but two extra elements now appear.  Firstly, have a look at the picture and notice that she not only took of her pants, she did it on a day she was going commando.  Secondly, the poor policeman took such a thud to the head that he was knocked out (though perhaps he took a dive out of embarrassment or sheer horror at the sight in front of him?)

Once she had been arrested she calmed down and expressed regret for her actions.  Her ‘husband’ (a 70 year old guy she’s living with), gave the great quote ‘She’s a stubborn person, rather surly, and quite fierce! Over the years, she’s rarely returned home.’  She was sentenced to 8 months in jail.

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