Monday, 5 August 2013

Tumbling into Tumblr - Religio Romana

I confess it - I'm a sucker for trying out different forms of social media. I've been toying for a while with creating a Tumblr account, and now I have!

I very much like the idea of having a medium that is halfway between a full blog (i.e. what you're reading now) and twitter, and one that is very visual to boot.  I'm focussing the Tumblr entirely on a particular interest of mine - Roman religious beliefs and cult practices, both in Britain and across the Empire.  

I see the new Tumblr as a great way to flag interesting objects I come across in museums, sites I visit and quotes I read in ancient and modern texts without the 140 character restrictions of twitter, or feeling that I have to write a full piece on them to make them worthy of a full blog post here.  It also means I can keep the variety of content I like to have on this blog.  Of course, there will still be lots of Roman archaeology content appearing here too!

The Tumblr is called 'Religio Romana', and the full URL is, so head across there are check it out as it develops.

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