Wednesday, 15 December 2010

So I decided to stop lurking...

So I decided to stop lurking.  I follow lots of forums, blogs, twitter feeds and the like, but have always tended to stay out of the game, on the sidelines, back in the dressing room, at home on the sofa with a blanket and a mug of warm Horlicks.  You get the idea.

So it’s time to unleash yet another stream of consciousness onto the internet, yet another guy blogging about things he finds interesting, and thinking wouldn’t it be great if maybe one or two other people thought the same.

One thing I hope I can deliver in this blog is some variety.  I like to think of myself as an interesting person, and I’d like this blog to reflect that.  I may therefore blog about archaeology and museums (my profession), the strange and wonderful country that is China (where my equally wonderful but not at all strange wife hails from), football (I want you to understand the pain of following a rubbish team), Playstation games (which I confess to spending far too much time on) and a myriad of travelling, books, films, politics, photography and anything else that tickles my fancy or otherwise makes me laugh, cry or want to throw something at a wall.

Hopefully the variety I plan to include won’t be so varied that anyone interested in one topic isn’t scared off by all the other stuff, but I suppose that’s just the way life is.

So, a Brave New World (I think I’d be about a Beta by the way) and the whole wide world to write about.  Hmm, the blogs I read make this all look so easy...

Actually, for a first post, I suppose it is polite and customary to introduce oneself, and perhaps explain the name of the blog.  The name Li Dongni is the Chinese name given to me by my wife (much to the mild hilarity of my friends).  I’ve kinda grown to like it though.  I’ll have to do a post at some point explaining what it means.

As for the rest of an introduction, perhaps it’s better to let my future posts speak for themselves…

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