Saturday, 1 November 2014

A second 'Tale of Roman Lincoln'

Last year I entertained myself during the quiet evenings by writing a short story about Roman Lincoln.  Earlier this year the bug bit me again and I penned a follow up story.  I confess I actually finished it some months ago but have only now got around to tidying it up and putting it on the blog.

So, if anyone is interested, you can now download the second exciting story of Caradoc the blacksmith by clicking here.  The 'writing' tab at the top of the page has a little bit more detail, and a link to both stories.

This second story features a series of major grain thefts blighting Lindum Colonia, and sees our hero going on a journey to try and discover the culprit, and ending up getting himself and a new young friend in some hot water as the repercussions go right to the top of the social order.

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