Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tales of Roman Lincoln - dipping my toe into writing

The closest I usually get to creative writing is either posting on this blog or pulling together new exhibition labels at the museum, but I was inspired some months ago to write a short adventure story based around somewhere I have a particular interest in - Roman Lincoln.

I've created a new tab at the top of this blog (imaginatively titled 'writing'), which explains a little about the idea behind it and the inspiration for the main character, a Romano-British blacksmith called Caradoc.  The title 'Concussio' is Latin word, meaning 'extortion', and gives a little hint as to the plot.

You can get the story in PDF format by going to the writing tab, or clicking on the link below.

If you feel inspired to give it a little read, I'd be grateful for any feedback in the comments below.  I'm certainly no author (so please be kind!) and I'm sure the influence of the authors I read will be obvious, but it was fun to write and I may well feel inspired to come back and add to the series at some point.

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