Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Off to Naples - one for the bucket list

As regular readers of this blog will know (check out my travel posts if not), I've been fortunate to able to do a little bit of travelling in my life and seen some amazing things.  As an archaeologist with an interest in the Roman world, though, its always been my shame that I've never been to see some of the most famous Roman remains of all - Pompeii and Herculaneum.  Well, I'm pleased to report that that will soon change!  Well, barring catastrophe of course...

My wife and I will tomorrow be jetting off to Naples for a week with the intention of seeing not only the 'big two', but also places like Poppea's villa at Oplontis, Vesuvius itself and of course the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.  Ridiculous quantities of camera SD cards are packed, so I've got everything I need!

Expect lots of excited blogging upon our return, if of course we don't do the proverbial after 'Seeing Naples'...

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