Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Great Lincoln Railway Station Barrier Charade

Let me tell you a little story about one of my weekly routines…

Every Monday morning my wife catches an early train from Lincoln to Manchester to go to work.  I walk down the hill with her to say goodbye to her at the station.  So far, so ordinary.  Its only when we get to the station when the Great Barrier Charade begins.

The charade basically revolves around me being able to help my wife carry her bags across the bridge to the train and being able to say our farewells on the platform (a custom which I’m pretty sure is as old as the railways themselves).  To get to the platform though, I have to ask the staff to let me through the ticket barriers.  They usually do so, but with reluctance and often some grumbling.  I then have to repeat the process on the way out - if I can find a staff member near the barriers that is.

Having to do this every single week is now becoming rather tiresome, so my plea to East Midlands Trains, Looney Tunes, or whoever now operates Lincoln train station is this – please make a decision on whether non-travellers are allowed on the platform!

If we are allowed, then let us through without the grudging attitude.  If we have to go to a machine to get a platform ticket, then fine.  If you decide that nobody without a ticket can pass through the mystic portals, then fine.  Although I’d argue vehemently against the latter stance, at least it would mean a decision has been made.

As it stands, I look forward to next week having to go through the usual ritual again.  What do people think? Am I right or am I just whinging?  Does anyone else have this problem?

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