Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A blogging centenary

I’m very happy to report that, after my Lincoln v Luton match report earlier, this blog has reached the grand old age of 100 posts.

With rather opportune timing, the blog has reached this milestone about a week before its first calendar birthday, so I’ll no doubt be getting a little cake and some tiny candles out soon too.

So this seems as good a time as any to have a little retrospective look back over the life of the blog so far, assess where it has come and think about where it might go in the big, scary and uncertain world of 2012.

When I started, I envisaged that I’d be posting mainly about football, museums (and related cultural goodies) and travelling and that has pretty much been the case.  I have to confess, though, that I didn’t foresee that football would be so far and away the most common thing I’ve posted about.  Of course, this is mostly because I’ve been doing posts after every match, and during the season these come thick and fast!

I am keen to ensure that the blog doesn’t become overwhelmed by football, and I certainly don’t want those of you interested in culture, travelling etc, but not at all in Lincoln City (there must be at least one or two of you out there), to be turned off by the apparent footballing deluge.  I might, therefore, consider not doing match by match reporting in future and leaving my footballing commentary to when I really feel like there is something to say.

It’s always interesting to see which posts have attracted the most attention, and, leaving aside posts where I’ve used an image off the web that people find using Google image searches, two stand out – my post about the ‘Bunny Huggers’ scandal back in June and my post about the FAMEconference on the archaeological archives crisis.  I’ve never set out to be a controversial blogger (and in the grand scheme of things I don’t think I am at all), so its interesting that my two most popular posts have been ones about potentially more controversial subjects.  I’ve managed to avoid hate-spam though, so I must have done something right.

As for the future, I will be doing some more travel posts fairly soon, focussing on my recent experiences in China - in particular the sights, sounds and smells of Xinjiang.  I also want to start a series of posts on some of the more interesting and important objects in the collections of Lincoln museum.

I’m also starting to think about giving the look of the blog a facelift.  I always wanted it to be about the content rather than lots of fancy and distracting gadgets, widgets and whatnots, but some slightly snazzier graphics would do the blog no harm at all.

So, to all my readers I say a huge thank you for coming back to read my thoughts – I hope you’ve found them entertaining / informative / not too retarded, and here’s to another 100 posts and a very bloggy 2012!

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